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Hilko Blok, a web specialist from Amsterdam; Jose Masaoy, a graphic designer from New Jersey; and Boris Pizzeghello, an italian architect. Jose and Hilko first met in Sao Paulo while working and collaborating on different projects. Boris joined them in Berlin. The design team is currently based in Berlin and Amsterdam.

PATROON also works with affiliates and freelancers from around the globe.



Primary Analysis

This is where we try to determine your objectives, what your competitors are up to, market share, as well as a strategic approach, and what it is exactly that you are trying to communicate with your image.

The Tabula Rasa

Navigational framework, informational organization, and interface design: we begin developing the blueprint for your project.

Graphical Development

Smart graphics backed with an intuitive back-end is what Patroon is all about. With great design and usability at the core of our development, we work hard to ensure that your web presence is the best that it can be.


Standards-based development means structural integrity, seamless interactivity, and accessibility for your site. We can provide a customized Content Management System so you can manage your own website with ease.

Post-production Management

After your site goes live, we can look at how users are interacting with your site so that we can be sure that your visitors are getting the best possible web experience. We'll also make sure that your site is search-engine optimized (SEO) and standards-compliant.